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Welcome to Paragon Video and Stereo!

 The Paragon Story


Paragon Video and Stereo was founded by Steve and Mary Puntillo in 1988 (although Steve has owned Hi-Fi stores since 1973).

They built Paragon out of a passion for offering quality audio and video products that are a cut above. Steve has always had a passion for vintage electronics, which drives him to repair many older pieces which would otherwise be thrown away. That same passion helps Paragon choose products which are built to last, and not to be disposable.

Steve also loves teaching people about the history of electronics, and that is what motivated him to start his museum project.

Mary is a pioneer in Madison, offering Custom Installation and Home Theater systems when few had heard of the terms. She has a long list of clients who have smiles on their faces because she found solutions nobody else was able to think of.

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Client Testimonials

Steve and Russ,

I wanted to thank you for your time and service last Saturday. It was a fantastic experience working with you on the Symphonic Line amp and the Victor player.
I hope to see you at a show in the future or whenever its time to upgrade.

All the best, Robert

I stopped in last week and picked up a
pair of interconnectsto put between my
new Marantz PM8004 and my Sony
XA20ES CD player

Previously I had used either fairly recent
Monster Cable interconnects or an old set
(maybe 15 years old) of Van den Hul

The Tributaries are pretty much flat and perfectly balanced top to bottom, the overall
balance of the Tributaries is clearly superior.



I came in on Saturday and picked up an old Heathkit amp with Steve's help.
I just wanted to say thanks for the hands-on crash course and friendly banter.
I got it all hooked-up and it sounds AMAZING.
And it's pretty good looking in
my apartment to boot.
I'll be coming back without a doubt.

best, brian

Hi Steve & Mary.

Just wanted to thank you for completing the repair on my H. H. Scott receiver. It belonged to my father, so it has a certain amount of sentimental value, but it also has some nice channel-switching functionality which makes it ideal for use with my reel-to-reel tape deck. When I blew out the right channel I thought it was done for, but thanks to you ministrations it's been brought back to life. I really enjoy being able to use it once again. So thanks much!


Hi Mary,

Please tell Steve that the turntable is working perfectly. I really appreciate the extra time he put into fixing it and I'm sure he'd like to hear that all his hard work paid off. Thanks.



Thanks for all the time you took with me on Saturday. It was the best customer service I have gotten. I had been beginning to think that the only company to give good customer service was the one I work for.

Thanks again

Hi Mary,

We just saw Steve on TV!!!
Another 15 minutes of fame!. I was surprised to see just how much vinyl is coming back! Who would have thought??

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help last week. Eric's parents really enjoyed meeting you and are now thrilled to have TV back again. Hurray for the local news,
PBS, etc etc etc.

Thank you again for all your help! You are just fantastic!!!

Nancy and Eric

Mary K.:

Just a note to tell you my system is working well.
You did such a great job of designing it..."

Hi Steve,
Just to let you know that I built a dovetailed cabinet for on top of my son’s dresser to house the MC250, preamp and tuner. It’s all set up now and he’s one happy person with the whole setup. He’s hearing sounds from his records he never heard before.
Thanks for all your help in solving my challenge and at a reasonable price.

Hi Steve,
Just a note to say thank you for helping me with the Marantz TT-15 turntable purchase, and for taking the time to discuss different audio solutions with me!
Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Mary,
The install went without a hitch thanks to your advice and direction. I like the new unit better than the old because it is easier to program station presets.
I really appreciate your help with the replacement unit. Good job!
Take care.

Dear Steve and Mary,
Are we having a ball with our home theatre! We've enjoyed it for just over two months. We appreciate your patience and we never would have "popped" for our system without your professional, low-key approach."

Dear Mary: I'm writing to let you know how much
I continue to enjoy my home theatre/surround sound system...
How nice that all this pleasure has also introduced me to great people-more "friends" than salespeople. Thanks for all your help and support!"